5 Skin Products You DON’T Need

Have you ever envied people you knew that seemed to have about a thousand luxurious skin products that you just couldn’t afford? I think we all have. But great news…you actually don’t need as many skin products as you think. To be honest, though certain items seem luxurious, it doesn’t necessarily mean they work. Here’s some products you don’t have to feel bad about for not having.


While toner is HUGE in the skin care community, it’s kind of useless. Sure, it might have some vitamins and smell nice and even prep your skin for makeup, but to be honest; the benefits aren’t worth it’s price point. Any hydrated mositurizer and a good cleanser can save your skin regardless, and toner is also known to through off the pH balance of your skin and cause dryness.


While essence is NICE, again, not necessary. Essence is extremely popular in Asia and some claim you need it to help your other skin care products ‘soak into the skin deeper’. Wrong. As long as your face is damp, your topical skin products should penetrate your skin just as much as any essence would.

Pore Minimizers

We hate to tell you, but if you have large pores, there might not be much you can do about it. The size of your pores has to do with genetics. You can’t change your pore size just like you can’t change your height or your eye color. Pore minimizers claim to make pores smaller, but most of the time they are just filling your pores with silicones and clogging your pores over time. The only thing you can do is use anti aging creams to help your skin stay buoyant so that your pores don’t droop and become more noticeable over time.

Lip Scrubs

The skin on our lips is very different than the skin on our face, but scrubbing off dead skin with lip scrubs actually tend to dry your lips out even more. Not only that, but anything you put on your lips (even a moisturizer) is likely not going to do much since these products only sit on top of the lips, not penetrating. You want smoother lips? Gently use a warm cloth and work your dead skin off of your lips. Saves you money on ever getting lip scrubs again.

Eye Cream

Eye cream is just a fancy and cleaver marketing scheme used to repackage regular face creams in an effort to convince you to spend more. There’s nothing different about eye creams, as with neck creams as well. Basically, if you use a nice facial cream, don’t be afraid to use it under your eyes and neck. It’s all the same. Except body lotion…maybe don’t use that on your face.

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