Do Juice Cleanses Work?

While binging on high end juice cleanses seems like the healthiest thing to do, alot of us wonder why? Does it help you lose weight? Does it really rid your body of toxins? And how healthy is it exactly? We’re here to give you some information to let you decide if a juice cleanse is right for you.

Weight Loss

Alot of cleanse plans can range from $70 to $100 or more for a three day cleanse. Of course, if you aren’t eating solid foods for three days straight, you definitely will shed a pound or two. But that doesn’t mean losing fat. When your body starts to lose weight rapidly, essentially the first thing to go is water weight. You might be happier with your scale after three days, but you have to be careful what you eat after a cleanse so you don’t immediately gain more weight back.


If you’ve been binge drinking and taking too many trips to the fast food drive thru, then a cleanse is probably great to reset your system. However, our bodies are also equipped with organs to help us rid our bodies of toxins. Your liver and kidney can work overtime to help you rid your toxins. Your body is pretty magical in that way. However, that doesn’t mean you can just eat and drink whatever you want. If you feel a bit sick of the junk, a juice cleanse here and there can help to an extent.


While your body is working on repairing itself, it’s super common to feel extremely fatigued. Your body is getting it’s nutrients, but you will feel incredibly hungry and tired. Your body needs energy to burn, so have a fiberous fruit or veggie will probably help fight fatigue more than a juice will. If you are wanting to do a juice cleanse, make sure you’re careful and don’t overdo it. It’s so easy to tire your body out.

Can you handle it?

If you’re considering a cleanse, we urge you to speak to a doctor or dietitian first. If you aren’t already living a healthy lifestyle, your body may react as if it’s starving. We suggest the best way to ease yourself into a cleanse is to first try a vegetarian diet for a week or so to get your body accustomed to being healthy and surviving off of healthy fats and nutrients.

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