Why Cellulite Creams Don’t Work (And Other Lies)

Cellulite cream was once sold to us as a “miracle in a bottle” serum. We bought, we tried it, and we didn’t love it. That’s because they don’t work. Regardless of that, a lot of companies sell you things based on insecurities of their clients. We’re here to help you not waste your money on products that simply don’t work.

Cellulite Cream

As uncomfortable as it may be, there’s no way of really getting rid of cellulite, especially with a cream. Creams would never penetrate the layer of skin that cellulite lives under. Cellulite is just natural fat. Fat cells expand in areas of the body that carry more weight. When cells expand, these lumps are what we call cellulite. The only way to really get rid of cellulite is by building more muscle tone, not a store bought cream.

Lifting Creams

Same as cellulite creams, no cream is going to lift parts of your body. Things like butt lifting balms have become more popular in recent years, and they just don’t work. The only way to lift areas of the body is (again) by building muscle tone, surgery, or taking the precautions to care for your skin before sagging starts occurring.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is great for a variety of reasons…but not so much for use on your face. Coconut oil can actually clog pores. Using facial oils would be much better, without wreaking havoc on your skin.

Face Mists

Some face mists can be really great and hydrating – but you need to beware. Avoid face mists with fragrances, as fragrances in facial products can cause irritation and inflame skin. A lot of companies nowadays have removed fragrance from products, but not so much in face mists. If you are in need of a face mist, maybe opt out for a hydrating water spray.

Blackhead Removers

Things like pore strips can sound promising, but they probably do more harm than good. When you use sticky strips, you can be removing blackheads but also you are removing vital skin tissue and irritating yourself more. If you really want your blackheads removed, please go to a professional to get extractions that won’t scar you.

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