September 10, 20190

Detoxify Your Life Naturally

With mental health and anxiety issues on the rise, it’s no wonder more people are now medicated for depression and other issues in the U.S. now more than ever before. As the world grows more complicated, so can our mental state. While these aren’t anxiety cures, these tips can help. Here’s a few ways to help alleviate stress in your everyday life.

Go to Bed, Wake Up Early

While this sounds like such a cliche, a healthy sleep cycle is absolutely vital to having a healthy mental state. Most of us who suffer from depression often stay up to the wee hours of the night, and alot also suffer from insomnia. Lack of sleep can cause anxiety, depression, fatigue, and eventually a shut down of organs. Plus, people who don’t get enough sleep don’t tend to live more than the average person. Training yourself to go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier will make your life more organized and feel more productive. Overtime, productivity increases happiness.

Stop Smoking and Drinking

If you’ve never created a smoking or drinking habit to help cope with your depression, I applaud you. Alot of us tend to use these coping mechanisms to help distract us or numb our anxiety. While these habits are a quick fix for the moment, over time they increase anxiety and health issues (obviously). Limiting your drinking intake and quitting smoking gives your body more time to heal itself and jump back into the natural groove of things. When your body is flushing out toxins, it’s working overtime on those issues rather than helping fix the things that keep you healthy.

Eat Organic

Not to sound hippie dippy, but this really helps. The processed foods we ingest aid to sluggishness and depression. Our body becomes flushed with unhealthy sugars, sodium, and hormones. Hormones especially found in non-organic meats and fish can filter our natural hormones, leading to a boat load of problems like cancers and heart disease. Switching to organic foods lessen the likelihood of ingesting toxic chemicals and such that would shorten our lifespan and make us irritable.


If you’re not an athletic person, that’s totally fine. But you need to get your body moving. Studies show that even walking between 10-30 minutes a day can keep your body in shape and help serotonin balance your brain. Serotonin levels deplete with depression, so the best way to fight depression is to be as active as you can over time. Even if you work sitting all day, find time on a break where you can walk, stroll, or even take your dog out.

Plan Ahead

Often times depression can hit us harder when we have nothing to look forward to. Planning things in the future that get you excited is a small but great motivator to become happier. When you get distracted doing things you love, your attention to your anxieties and stress lessen. Doing simple things like planning a lunch with a friend, or a concert or a show can greatly improve mental health. Think about what kind of mark you want to leave in your life, and if you’d rather enjoy it than sit on the couch. It’s not the easy decision to make, but it’ll kickstart yourself to get off your butt and fight depression.

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